About Placements.io

Placements.io helps digital media publishers run their business better through the automation of selling, booking, and reporting of digital ad campaigns. Our thesis is that if we make it easier for digital publishers to sell premium ad campaigns then as a result,

  1. Digital Media could create less ad inventory,
  2. Advertisers will be happier because they’ll get more engaging ads,
  3. End Users will be happier because they’ll see less ads while consuming services,
  4. Media Employees will be happier because they don’t have to spend 100s of hours doing mundane manual work

Our goal is to preserve the quality of services on the web by making digital content creators more profitable.

Placements.io has been featured in Forbes, Geekwire, and the San Francisco Business Times.

We're proudly backed by Vulcan Capital and the Alchemist Accelerator.

We promote:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Frequent Company Lunches
  • Happy Hours
  • Working on Projects that are Interesting
  • Absolutely the Best Tools and Technology
  • NOT working 70+ hour weeks
  • Designing-your-own-swag
  • Meaningful Equity with Competitive Salary

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